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Let’s face it, mailing your potential clients a well-designed flyer just doesn’t cut it these days. 

Swedish photographer Jens Lennartsson created 400 “GI Jen” action figures as part of a mailer to promote his services. 

Photographer Promotes Work With an Action Figure

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A Coffee Maker That Looks Like It Comes From A Chemistry Lab

Perhaps it’s the late nights at the lab, or just the fact that the ubiquitous glassware is so well suited for double duty brewing up a cup of joe, but chemistry and coffee have always seemed to go hand in hand. The Café Balāo is a coffee machine that even Mendeleev (or Gale Boetticher) could have loved: a siphon-like coffeemaker that borrows its design cues not from Nespresso, but from the equipment of a science-age chemistry lab.

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Americans outraged by the NSA secret surveillance (PRISM) scandal have been channelling their anger through some very creative works of art.

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Big philosophical ideas reduced to simple shapes, from graphic designer Genís Carreras .

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Willem de Kooning: Queen of Hearts (1943-46)

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Luno by Martin Jakobsen

The glass container with a ball of cork as a stopper has a shape similar to the small playing pieces in the board game Ludo.

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The Beauty of Decay Sven Fennema

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